The story of a Wedding photographer

Capturing pictures and making videos is more than just capturing photons in a lens. It is about telling a story with an essence of its own. Our talented photographers and videographers captivate this art form like no other and effectively immortalize your event forever. Talk to us today to find out more!

Meet Chermaine

Videographer || From Hong Kong

Hello, I am Chermaine. I am currently working as a videographer in Dream Soda Creative. For me, when our clients choose us for their work, it goes so much beyond just business. The feelings of trust that they put in us are so enriching when someone chooses us to cover their event. And that is what makes me put in 110% every time! 

I used to be a casting director for a TV commercial house in HK. It was then I decided to move to Canada over sixteen years ago. I have been in the wedding industry for over twelve years, and I can easily say that each experience is a new and educating one. Ever since the start of my career, I have always loved storytelling, helping customers, and creating memorable moments. 

Vancouver Wedding Videographer

Meet Lucky

Photographer || From Bali

Hi, I am Lucky. I started covering weddings in 2011 in my hometown Bali, Indonesia. It was a dream come true, so I decided to expand my horizons and move to Vancouver, Canada. Here, I continued my journey as a wedding photographer for Dream Soda, and it has been quite an adventure ever since. 

My work is unique and can more so be credited to my journalist streak as well as my ability to fraternize emotions and beautiful scenery to acquire the most creative of shots. I love covering weddings to document special moments and create a story from just photos and videos. 

In today’s modern-day events, it isn’t uncommon for several sentiments to be found in a single gathering. Seeing people laugh, cry, and simply be ecstatic is all a journey on its own. My aim in photography is to keep relishing my time spent shooting and give each couple the best unforgettable photography experience for their special day.

Vancouver Wedding Photographer